Object of Adoration: A 3D Modeling Workshop


October 23rd, 2022 1:00 PM 3:00 PM

Blade Study 17 Pike Street New York NY 10002

In this workshop, we will reexamine the philosophical history of ornament through the queer and feminist lens which has been depicted as something feminine fake, insincere, unnecessary, and even sinful. From this lecture we will kick off with a Korean mythological creature, dokkaebi, a goblin-like entity bound to an ancient object, love letters, jewels with curse&power, and other intimate memorials, we will explore the history of adornment and how objects and adornment channels and access memory, care, and love.

In this 2hr virtual workshop, we will explore the objecthood of adoration and its history and context. The participant will create their object/memento of adoration by learning basic 3D modeling skills by using Spline, a collaborative 3D modeling platform. No prior 3D modeling skill is needed but helpful.

翻译提供者 DeepL