You know I got it So come and get it

Sophia Giovannitti

June 6th July 7th, 2024

Press Release

Blade Study is pleased to present Sophia Giovannitti’s debut with the gallery, You know I got it So come and get it. There is one piece in the show and it is a crisis of faith.

Giorgio Agamben writes that “language[’s] … hypertrophy and expropriation define the politics of the spectacular-democratic societies in which we live … [while] the sphere of gestures or pure means (that is, the sphere of those means that emancipate themselves from their relation to an end while still remaining means) … [is] the proper sphere of politics.” Toby Keith writes, “I should’ve been a cowboy.”

The means of You know I got it So come and get it will be on view and open to the public Thursday through Sunday, from 11AM to 6PM.

The ends will take place in a ticketed lecture-performance—billed as an Artist Talk—in the gallery every Thursday and Friday night from 8–10PM, throughout the show’s duration. Twelve seats will be available per night, costing $30, your full name, and some biographical information. This lecture, Does it have a sincere relationship to God?, answers the question of what the work is “trying to say.”

Translation provided by DeepL


Sophia Giovannitti (b. 1992) is an artist and author who lives in New York. She is interested in creating scenarios that antagonize and disturb traditional modes of value extraction from artists and workers, and what comes after choreographic failure or the nihilism of assimilation. She works across mediums including performance, text, video, revenge, and contracts. Recent work has shown at ICA London, Montclair State University Galleries, Kunsthalle Bratislava, Duplex, PPOW, Recess, and Sophia Zero Inc. Her first book Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex was published by Verso in May 2023.