Epiphany Checklist

Blade Study is pleased to announce EPIPHANY, a group exhibition focused on the intuitive experience of realization. The internal shift of an epiphany is not linear or universal, it can take the form of a variety of emotional reactions. It is a jolting experience that can evoke terror, or relief, it can be ecstatic, or soothing. Beyond the precise moment of its arrival, an epiphany redirects one’s lifepath and personal philosophy. Works by artists Alex Batkin, Ashley Teamer, Brian Oakes, jiwoong, Kyle Clairmont Jacques, and Stephen Buscemi are brought together to explore this unique emotional state in its various forms.

Brian Oakes

Ambry 2

21" x 18.5" x 4"

Custom circuit boards, acrylic, hand made rubies, wire, electronic components, hardware, power supply

Stephen Buscemi

How Many Days Have We Waited?

36" by 48"

Acrylic on canvas

Ashley Teamer

Bonnet Carré Spillway Vignette

10" by 10"

Inkjet prints, thread, a piece of my old gap blue jeans.

Brian Oakes

Vessel 2

42" x 46" x 28"

Printed circuit boards, electronic components, microphones, audio cables, custom 3d printed hardware, power supplies, chain, hardware

Kate Biel

Jessica With Lev

16.5" by 20"

Archival Pigment Print.