Natalie Ochoa

Natalie Ochoa is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She taps into her Colombian roots by engaging in rituals that help her confront fears, anxieties, and vulnerability. Using embroidery and sculpture as mediums, her creations serve as a therapeutic outlet, enabling her to convey emotions and juxtapose past pain through vibrant colors and naive imagery. Collectively, her artworks construct a distinctive realm where her contradictions coexist harmoniously.

  • Selected Solo Exhibitions

    • 2023

      I Prefer Direct Sunlight

      Blade Study, New York, NY

    • 2020

      A Women Cut the Hem of Her Dress to Not Wake Up Her Cat

      Cat Box Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY

  • Selected Group Exhibitions

    • 2023

      Love Letter to My Teenage Bedroom

      Shelter Gallery, New York, NY

    • 2022


      SuperHouse Vitrine, New York, NY

    • 2021

      Head First

      Walters Gallery, Amsterdam, NY

    • Hang Ten

      Walters Gallery, Far Rockaway beach, NY

    • Parallax 101

      Pink Essay, New York, NY

    • Super Group 2

      SuperHouse Vitrine, New York, NY

    • 2020

      Agua Parada

      Rhizome, DC, Washington

    • 2019

      Flip Side

      Arts + Methods, Brooklyn, NY

    • 2017

      Westside Exposure

      Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY

    • Once Upon A Time

      SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY

    • 2016

      One Earth, One Consciousness

      Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY

    • Future Critical

      Daniel Cooney Fine Arts Gallery, New York, NY

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  • Education

    • 2016

      Bachelor of Fine Arts

      School of Visual Arts, New York, NY